Finding the Right Internet Plan

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What Plan Do You Need?

We can help you choose the perfect plan based on how you use the internet.

As you look at different internet service plans, you may be wondering: How much internet speed do I need in order to work from home or to stream Netflix?

When you are picking a plan, you need to consider how many users will be using your internet at one time in addition to the activities you’ll be using the internet for. Just because you get enough speed to stream on one device doesn’t mean you’ll be able to stream on multiple devices. Here are our suggestions for the best speeds for online gaming, streaming, multiple-device use, and other common activities.

How Is Internet Speed Measured?

Internet speeds are measured in “megabits per second,” often shortened to Mbps. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recommends internet speeds of 12–25 Mbps for families who have multiple internet users or who want to use frequent online streaming. Click to check out all of the different residential plans and speeds Lakeland Internet offers.

How Do You Use the Internet?

These helpful examples give you an estimated look at how many Mbps a particular service or activity uses and can better predict what internet plan will work best for you.

Streaming Services
The minimum internet speed recommended for streaming Netflix on one device is 3 Mbps, but, if you want a higher-quality streaming service, then you’ll need more speed. To stream Netflix in HD on three TVs at the same time, at least 15 Mbps is recommended. If you’re looking to stream something like YouTube TV, the minimum internet speed is 3 Mbps.

Netflix in HD
5 Mbps
Netflix in HDR or 4K
25 Mbps
Hulu Live or Cable
10 Mbps
Best Quality of Netflix
10–15 Mbps
Netflix in HD on Multiple Devices
15 Mbps
YouTube TV in HD
7 Mbps
YouTube TV in HD on Multiple Devices
13 Mbps


For most gaming services to run smoothly, 10 Mbps to 25 Mbps is recommended.

Gaming Console
10 Mbps & up
One Gaming User + One Internet User
15 Mbps & up

Working from Home

Depending on your work’s needs, you may need more or less internet speed.

Basic Program Use & Email
3–4 Mbps
Group & Conference Calls
10 Mbps

Basic Uses

If you aren’t at your home often but still want the capability to keep an eye on the place or check email when you are home, here are some of the reasons you might want a 1 Mbps plan.

Security Camera
1 Mbps
Video Doorbell
1 Mbps
Smart Thermostat
1 Mbps
Checking Email
1 Mbps

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