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As with many great ideas, Lakeland Internet began with the desire to fill a need. Our founder, Chuck Surack, recognized a lack of fast and reliable internet service in lake country and the surrounding rural areas, isolating residents and keeping them from the entertainment options and social interactions that have become an integral part of our daily lives. He envisioned an affordable way for people in these communities to live in a place they love without the compromise of a bad connection. Inspired by the key principle that has guided him as an entrepreneur — to always do the right thing — Chuck set out to find a solution. He discovered a local community partner, made a plan, and Lakeland Internet was born.

Since then, Lakeland Internet’s network has expanded to include a growing number of homes and businesses throughout the tri-state area. By joining forces with another local ISP, ZipSpider, in early 2019, we’ve made it possible for even more communities like ours to enjoy reliable internet at faster speeds than ever before. We combine technological expertise and exceptional service to keep pace with our customers’ changing needs, solve the problems facing internet users in lake and rural areas, and exceed expectations at every opportunity.

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From Angola, Indiana, to Montpelier, Ohio, to Sturgis, Michigan — we provide the fastest, most reliable internet in the region to countless homes and businesses throughout the tri-state area. Learn more about our high-speed internet plans and how we can help you stay connected to the things that matter most in your life.

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